By | October 5, 2018

The invention relates to a method for operating an autonomous underground vehicle (1), said underground vehicle (1) comprising: a lifting device (2) with at least one tool (3); a driving assembly (4) for moving the underground vehicle (1); a drive assembly (5) for driving the lifting device (2) and the driving assembly (4), said drive assembly (5) having a fluid transmission (6) and a diesel engine (7); and a control assembly (8) for actuating the drive assembly (5). The method is characterised in that the underground vehicle (1) comprises an input assembly (9) for a vehicle user (10) to specify both a driving speed of the underground vehicle (1) and a task to be carried out by the lifting device (2), and that the control assembly (8) controls the diesel engine (7) on the basis of a driving speed and task specified in each case by the vehicle user (10) by means of the input assembly (9). The invention also relates to a corresponding autonomous underground vehicle (1).

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