Terra Drone supports CARTIVATOR with the aim of developing Flying Cars in 2020

By | December 3, 2018

Japan: Terra Drone Corporation finalized the sponsor contract with CARTIVATOR Resource Management Association (following as CARTIVATOR) running ‘first flying car in Japan’ inventive projects named CARTIVATOR.

“We are incredibly excited to be supporting CARTIVATOR in challenging for practical application of the flying car” said Terra Drone’s COO Teppei Seki.”Terra Drone is the drone industry-leading global company born in Japan. We decided to support CARTIVATOR because Terra Drone’s vision, creating a new society boosted from Japan to the world, fits perfectly with the ‘flying car’ ideas of CARTIVATOR.”

Explaining the collaboration with CARTIVATOR he further said “Terra Drone group (Terra Motors, Terra Drone) provides CARTIVATOR our resources for international expansion, PR supports, and skills for the control system at low space cultivated by UAV control system. Moreover, we would like to contribute to realise ‘aerial mobility revolution’ that CARTIVATOR proposes.

We sincerely appreciate getting technical supports from Terra Drone. We harmonize the Terra Drone’s beliefs and directions by making the next aerial industrial renovation since we also hope for creating brand new generations that everyone can fly. Therefore, we are grateful to advance the project with support from Terra Drone. We will continue to develop our business further in the future.”

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