Embrace Change. It’s What Keeps Us Moving Forward

By | September 17, 2018

Thoughts from Sameep Tandon on Drive.ai’s path ahead

Driving Into the Future

Drive.ai has come a long way in three short years. What began as an idea concepted among friends and labmates is now one of the few companies that has self-driving vehicles out on public roads, driving members of the public from place to place, autonomously. Together, we have made self-driving cars into a reality. What lies ahead for the company is the goal of generating revenue and scaling our self-driving deployments — setting up more programs in more cities, ultimately making self-driving a reality for more people.

New Role, Same Commitment

Drive.ai is focused on solving the most challenging problems facing autonomous driving, and putting industry-leading technology on the road. And while the next phase of the company is focused on deploying more vehicles, I will be turning my attention to one of my passions — technology. As I take a more technology-centered role at Drive.ai, I am proud to announce that Dr. Bijit Halder, an inspired colleague who I have already learned so much from this year, will take on the role of CEO.

A Leader Focused on Growth

Bijit understands the vision of Drive.ai. He is intimately familiar with the product and service we’re building. He has navigated the team through critical decisions that have enabled us to be at the place where we are today. As the new chief executive officer, Bijit will successfully guide Drive.ai through the next phase of growth as we deploy more self-driving programs.

With two decades of experience as entrepreneur and executive, Bijit has built and led diverse teams, worked with wide range of advanced technologies, and created products and services in highly competitive markets. He combines a deep understanding of technology and market trends to create a clear, strategic vision and focuses on efficient execution to deliver delightful products and services that solve real world problems. Bijit’s talent and leadership have been a driving force on the Drive.ai team since he joined, and he was a pivotal player in bringing self-driving technology to the public this year.

For over a year, the company has also been privileged to have the active guidance and support of board member Andrew Ng. With Bijit stepping into the CEO role, Andrew will continue to lend his support by working closely with the company and leadership team going forward.

Embracing Change

As a company in one of the most rapidly evolving industries, we at Drive.ai know a thing or two about change. Every day, we push the self-driving movement forward by inciting change — whether advancing our technology, deploying self-driving programs in new cities, or making self-driving technology accessible to more people, change is the only constant.

Driving change is the common element that brings the Drive.ai team together. This change is just what Drive.ai needs to push the boundaries and strive toward the greater mission of making self-driving a reality for even more people. Together, we have the opportunity to change the face of mobility in meaningful ways, and, in our own way, change the world for the better.

As for me, I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and dig in on what I’m passionate about — building the technology that’s enabling this change.

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