Baidu leads China in Artificial Intelligence patents, is poised to bring about Intelligent Transformation

By | December 4, 2020

Baidu, Inc holds the most AI-related patents, and has filed the most AI-related patent applications, of any company or organization in China, according to a recent study published by two units of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), a recognition of the company’s commitment to innovation and its leadership of the AI field.

Baidu has been granted 2,682 AI-related patents and has filed a total of 9,364 AI-related patent applications as of October 2020, ranking No. 1 in applications for the third consecutive year. Baidu’s patent applications were followed by Tencent (8,450), Huawei (7,381), and Inspur (7,052), according to the report jointly issued by the China Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team and the Electronic Intellectual Property Center, two units under the MIIT.

The report showed that Baidu is the leader of both patents and patent applications in several important sub-fields of AI, reflecting its comprehensive leadership of AI technologies. These include deep learning (438 patents and 2,340 applications), natural language processing (NLP) (377 patents and 1,383 applications), intelligent speech (330 patents and 1,135 applications), autonomous driving (283 patents and 1,928 applications), knowledge graph (242 patents and 884 applications), intelligent recommendations (540 patents and 1,414 applications), and big data for transportation (384 patents and 1,237 applications).

Baidu’s rich patent resources have been leveraged and applied across the company’s business units. Patented technologies in deep learning have been utilized in PaddlePaddle, Baidu’s open-source industrial level deep learning platform. Baidu’s core technological strengths in autonomous driving—as reflected by its patent leadership—have enabled it to be a global industry leader, empowering projects such as the Apollo Go Robotaxi service, which is open to the public in Beijing, Changsha, and Cangzhou.

Baidu’s advanced NLP and intelligent speech technologies have also bolstered the company’s products, bringing benefits to users through the power of AI. Integrating NLP functions, Baidu launched an “intelligent consultation assistant” to support hospitals and healthcare partners to upgrade their online services amid COVID-19, exponentially boosting the efficiency of online medical consultations. Meanwhile, Baidu’s intelligent speech technologies power the Xiaodu lineup of smart products, including speakers, displays, and earbuds.

Baidu’s leading advantages in AI are the result of its persistent commitment in the field since 2010, and the company has become a leader at the forefront of global AI industry. Moving forward, Baidu will continue to invest in and further explore AI technologies and applications in products and vertical industries. Baidu will promote intelligent transformation and serve as a new engine for economic growth.

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