System reportedly minimizes damage when self-driving vehicles crash

A new system, developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo, decides how an autonomous vehicle should respond in emergency situations based primarily on pre-defined mathematical calculations considering the severity of crash injuries and damage. Read the original article

Why I Ride with Waymo: Jean

Editor’s Note: In this next “Why I Ride with Waymo” post we catch up with Jean. Although she often rides with Waymo with her husband, Bob, Waymo offers them different benefits. For example, Bob likes how Waymo One allows them to be a one car household, while Jean prefers the predictably of Waymo One, especially… Read More »

Waymo and Renault to explore autonomous mobility route in Paris region

Waymo and Renault are working with the Paris region to explore the possibility of establishing an autonomous transportation route between Charles De Gaulle airport and La Défense, a neighbourhood just outside of Paris city limits that plays host to a large number of businesses and skyscrapers, including a large shopping center. This is part of… Read More »

Chinese Automaker SAIC Motor joins Automotive Grade Linux

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), a collaborative cross-industry effort developing an open source platform for connected car technologies, announced seven new members. SAIC Motor has joined as a Silver member, and German Autolabs, KPIT, MontaVista, OTAinfo, OUTCERT and Ovo Automotive join as Bronze members. “We are excited to welcome SAIC Motor as our first car manufacturer… Read More »

Why I Ride with Waymo: Bob

Editor’s Note: In the next “Why I Ride with Waymo” posts, we catch up with Bob and Jean. While they often use Waymo One together, the service offers them unique benefits. First, we will hear from Bob who shares how Waymo One allows them to be a one car household. Tell us a little about… Read More »

HERE and HYUNDAI MNSOFT expand collaboration to advance global HD maps

HERE Technologies, a global leader in mapping and location platform services, and HYUNDAI MNSOFT, a Hyundai Motor Group subsidiary specialising in mapping technology responsible for the Hyundai KIA Motors infotainment system, announced the intention to enter into a broad global alliance to ensure competitiveness in HD mapping and location services. Together, the companies aim to… Read More »