Site Reliability Engineering at Starship

Photo by Ben Davis, Instagram slovaceck_ Running autonomous robots on city streets is very much a software engineering challenge. Some of this software runs on the robot itself but a lot of it actually runs in the backend. Things like remote control, path finding, matching robots to customers, fleet health management but also interactions with… Read More »

Starship Technologies: looking ahead to 2021

We set out to build Starship in 2014 with the mission to improve everyday life by revolutionising delivery. Six years later, Covid-19 has radically elevated the importance of this mission, as we’ve moved from offering a convenient service to an essential one. This year has seen demand for contactless delivery grow exponentially around the world. In… Read More »

Lyft Level 5’s Machine Learning Pipeline

Lyft Level 5 recently published an amazing overview of their PyTorch-based machine learning pipeline. Continue reading on Self-Driving Cars » Read the original article